Major Felonies

  • Carey & Dobson possesses the experience and knowledge necessary to defend against major felonies in any court, whether federal, state, or municipal.
  • We seek bonds for release from jail.
  • Defend you at warrant hearing and probable cause hearings.
  • We defend your driver’s license from DUI charges.
  • We defend you at arraignment hearings and suppression of evidence hearings.
  • We will defend you at trial in any court.
  • We have extensive experience over many years in handling the most serious criminal charges that one can face, which includes DUIs, drug sale/possession/trafficking, armed robbery, murder, rape, kidnapping, receiving stolen property, burglary, and arson.

With our successful record and results driven approach, we will help defend against heavy fines and severe prison sentences. We here at Carey & Dobson will stand with you at your darkest hour and be your beacon of light to freedom. Let Carey & Dobson be your advocates for justice. Call us now at (404) 635-1112.