Nathaniel Dobson, Jr.

I became a lawyer because I believed and still believe that it is a profession that allows me to help others. When a client speaks to me I want that client to understand what I am explaining and not just be impressed with how important I sound. It is more important to me that the client is fully informed and thus can make an informed decision than it is to see how much I can get out of them.

I graduated law school in 1990. I started my law career as an assistant district attorney for Fulton County in the Atlanta Judicial Circuit of Georgia in 1990. It was a conscious choice on my part because I wanted to get as much trial experience as possible as soon as possible. During my stay there I was able to try dozens of cases and get a huge amount of valuable experience and exposure. I stayed with the District attorney’s office until late 1995 when I went into private practice.

I joined a plaintiff’s firm in 1995 which specialized in major personal injury law. I was recruited to that firm specifically because of my trial experience. I stayed with that firm until late 1997 when I decided to partner up with Emerson Carey, Jr. and start our own practice. We have been able to effectively serve our clients since that time. I specialize in personal injury matters as well as criminal matters with an emphasis on DUI cases.

While I was with the plaintiff’s firm, representing the “little guy”, I was appointed to the bench in Cobb County Georgia as an associate Magistrate Judge. In that capacity I was able to issue arrest warrants, issue search warrants, and try small claims cases. It gave me invaluable insight into how the legal process works on all fronts. I like to tell my clients that I have been on both sides and in the middle of almost all legal issues they could potentially face. I served as a Magistrate Judge for approximately four years from 1991 thru 1994.

I had the pleasure of getting my undergraduate degree at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill on a full academic scholarship. There I earned a degree in English with a concentration in chemistry. I then went to Georgia State University to receive my legal training graduating in 1991. I stay up to date on current legal issues by taking relevant continuing legal education courses and volunteering as a trial judge for various high school and college mock trials. I have been proud member of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity for over 31 years. My hobbies include being a youth coach in a variety of sports, reading, exercising and playing golf.

You will find that the vast majority of lawyers NEVER actually try cases. My experience has been that your adversary is much more willing to negotiate when they know you are willing to litigate! That is one of the reasons that other lawyers hire me to try their cases when they can’t settle them. When you need someone to aggressively represent you, pick a lawyer who will not only try to settle your case but who can also win your case in a court of law. At Carey & Dobson we can help.