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  • “Susan F.”
    March 07, 2020

    Nate is the man.

  • “Angela S., Atlanta”
    February 07, 2020

    I was involved in a major truck accident. I was in shock for days and did not know what to do. My vehicle was rear ended and then spun out and was t-boned by another vehicle I285. I sustained major injuries to the head. I called Carey & Dobson, their staff was friendly and thoroughly explained the process of an injury claim. Tanya helped me get the best medical treatment I needed, even for my head. I suffered a traumatic brain injury, not to mention neck problems as well. After a few months of treatment, my health improved, and I received a big settlement. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

  • “Blackbelt Connection Alabama”
    January 07, 2020

    Attorney Dobson is the BEST! He has represented me on several personal injury claims since 1999.

  • “Rodney P.”
    January 07, 2020

    Being involved in an accident is never a good experience. Dealing with damage and/or the loss of a vehicle, dealing with insurance agencies and not to mention being injured and worrying about treatment and how your life will be forevermore impacted is enough stress to drive you crazy.

    After I was involved in my accident a few years ago, the best decision I made immediately after was to call Carey & Dobson. This was my first time ever seeking legal counsel and they were empathetic, informative and patient from the very beginning. One of the things I loved about working with them is that they kept me informed throughout the process and were completely transparent with me which put me at ease and made me feel comfortable trusting them.
    I was most please to work with Emerson Carey. I was always available to answer my questions, Emerson called me and would speak to me at each turn in my case. I had every confidence in him from the beginning but he showed and proved that he would work tirelessly to ensure that he didn’t settle for whatever low offer the insurance company offered but that I got the settlement I deserved. He is an outstanding negotiator and a wonderful human being. Thank you Carey & Dobson and THANK YOU EMERSON!!!!!

  • “Karen S., Marietta”
    January 07, 2020

    I was arrested for DUI after leaving the golf course. I was talking to my barber and he recommended Attorney Dobson. My world was turned upside down. I am a truck driver and I needed my license to earn a living. Mr. Dobson was very knowledgeable about the whole DUI process. He was well respected by everyone in the Fulton County Courthouse. He calmed my fears and saved my life. He was able to find a mistake that the officer made during my arrest and the DUI was dismissed. Thank you! Matthew T., Atlanta, GA, December 2019.

    My daughter died recently in a car accident. She left behind 2 minor children and I had no clue what to do. Someone referred me to Emerson Carey. He and his staff helped us to resolve her wrongful death case and to set up trusts for her minor children. What a blessing he was to our family!

  • “Ernestine W.”
    September 07, 2019

    Good firm.