Three Times Medical Bills and Other Ready Made Formulas

Many people are desperate for a settlement formula and the urge is to assume that the appropriate payout for settlement may be some multiple of the special damages. But if it is, it is largely a coincidence. A settlement that works is because it is fair based on what a jury would award you because of what you went through from the accident – your pain, your suffering, your bills – not because it is the result of some pre-ordained mathematical formula. The real end game to value is not a calculation but an estimate of what a jury might award in the case. There is one thing we can tell you without equivocation: juries don’t use math algorithms to compute value.

So, in some cases, a settlement that is three times medical bills and lost wages (called together “specials” is an awful “they stole from you” resolution. In other claims, it is a fantastic result. This is how it should be. Let’s beat the dead horse one more time before we move on: The idea that you can use some multiplier of the medical bills to determine how much money a judge or jury would award simply makes no sense.

Below, we explain just how cases get valued. If you want a lawyer for your claim, call us. We have an undeniable record of success. If you want to discuss your claim with us, call (404) 635-1112 (Atlanta) or (706)229-6292 (Columbus) or you can get free on-line consultation. Keep in mind we handle only serious injury and wrongful death cases. Most of our cases are in Georgia. We accept about a handful of cases outside of Georgia each year.

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