Is There a Way to Figure Out the Value of My Case?

You are not going to find the exact value of your case on-line. You need a professional evaluation of the facts of your case to get an ideal of the reasonable value of your claim.  There are a lot of variables at play and there may be reasons why your case is worth much more – or much less – than these statistics suggest. The take home message is clear: median and average settlement value data is great. But it will not calculate your settlement for you and does not take the place of a professional analysis of your case. Also keep in mind that many times, the insurance company will believe you are entitled to a full payout of their entire policy. But unless they know you can file a lawsuit – which almost invariably means retaining counsel – they have little incentive to make a fair offer for your injuries. So if you want to get the true amount of compensation the case is worth, you may have to fight for it.


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